Top 5 Ways Brides Can Save On Their Wedding

The average cost of a wedding these days is $25,000. Every little aspect of your day adds up. Here are some easy ways to save on your day, and it will still be fabulous!

  1.  Buffet-Style Dinner. If getting up to get your food doesn’t seem to bother you as a bride, chances are, it won’t bother your guests either. Ask yourself this, is that what your guests will remember about your wedding? Having to get up for their dinner, or the awesome DJ you booked with the extra money? If you do this, be aware of any older guests that may need assistance and ask relatives if they could help during that part of the reception.
  2.  Same Venue. If you are looking for a non-traditional wedding, think about booking your wedding and reception at the same venue. It will save you time and money. Because you won’t have to travel between places, you will save transportation costs as well as time for you and your guests. Your guests will love only having to locate one venue instead of two as well!Image
  3.  In Lieu of Favors…Instead of spending a lot of money on favors that chances are, 50% of your guests won’t take, make a charitable donation to an organization that means something you as a couple. We have seen multiple brides do this and they definitely recommend it. We had a bride tell us that she wished she would have done that instead of her favors and spend the money in a better place. Choose your organization and write a note for each table and put it in a decorative picture frame to let guests know what organization you chose.
  4. Cake Alternatives. Years ago, a three to five tiered cake is all you saw at a wedding. The bride and groom cut it and then in got whisked in back to be cut by the caterers and served to guests. Wedding cakes can have a cutting fee and a cost per slice up towards $5! These days we are seeing cupcakes at each place (that double as a favor), cake pops, candy bars, and popcorn bars. There are many options for a different take on a wedding cake. If you still want to have a cutting ceremony with your groom, order a small round cake for you two to cut…or, feed each other cake pops!
  5. Flower alternatives. Each little bouquet you see on every dinner table, cake table, gift table, you name it has a price tag. A big trend these days is to go with decorations other than flowers. Have a cluster of different tealights and votives in colorful holders as a centerpiece. You can also have centerpieces with seasonal fruit for a color splash. Or choose a venue such as an orchard, winery, or arboretum that has natural decorations. Non-floral centerpieces are everywhere and your chance to get creative. Tip: If you really want flowers, go for flowers that are in season for your wedding, they will be less expensive

The biggest thing to remember if you are planning a wedding is think about what you will remember about it years from now. If having a traditional cake is very important to you, think of another way to cut back. Most importantly, it’s about celebrating your new life together and what will make you happy on your day.

What do you think?

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