Leap Year Love

In honor of 2012 being a Leap Year & tomorrow’s date being the rare 2/29, here at SEBC we decided to research Leap Year Weddings, Anniversaries and Traditions. Holy Leap Year, Batman! We learned a lot. Continue on to learn about Love & Leap Years…


“Long ago women hoping to marry had to wait for their beaus to propose. They were not ‘allowed’ to make the first move, except on one day, Feb. 29.”

“The tradition dates back hundreds of years, to when the leap year was not recognized by English law; the day was “leapt over” and ignored. Since it had no legal status, formal traditions did not apply. Women who  were not content to wait for a proposal took advantage of this anomaly and popped the question.”


“The legend has it that in the year 1288, in Scotland, it was made legal for women to propose to men in a Leap Year only. If he declines, he must provide her with a silk dress, or a pair of gloves. There was a fine for the guy if he said no!”

“The legend spread around the world and soon there were many Leap Year Balls and Leap Year Dances. Some were being held so the women may ask the man to dance. And some were specifically for the woman to ask him for his hand in marriage.”

Below are a few 1800s and early 1900s postcards depicting Women taking advantage of the Leap Day & going after the man of her dreams. We love these! 


Happy Leap Year from SEBC- go after the Man you love!! 



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