Bridal Hunger Games

Everyone is talking about The Hunger Games. It’s a fascinating story that combines tons of emotions into 3 fantastic books, and of course there is a love story involved. We won’t go ruining the plot for those of you who haven’t read the books but we must say that if you haven’t then STOP EVERYTHING AND GO START! These are gripping books with lots of imagery. Because of this, we (amongst others) believe that it makes a great theme for a wedding.

Visit this Site for photos of a Hunger Games themed wedding photoshoot and enjoy the rustic decorations with a Hunger Games twist:

We love when brides take something they’re passionate about and apply it to their weddings!

The movie comes out this week so start reading if you haven’t yet! It’s a big deal. Also, check out these awesome pictures of the cast from the Hunger Games taken by our own Corinne Revsbeck, one of the lead bridal consultants at Simply Elegant Bridal Consulting, at the Mall of America when they were on tour!


Any real fan will know what’s happening in this picture!

Photo by Corinne Revsbeck


Chatting before they hit the stage

Photo by Corinne Revsbeck


Answering questions from their adoring fans!

Photo by Corinne Revsbeck



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