Style Shoot!

Today we are re-blogging Coppersmith Photography’s post on our latest Stylized Shoot we coordinated. It turned out beautiful & it was so fun working with the Twin City’s top wedding professionals! 
Style shoots are photography shoots where we, as photographers and/or designers, have total control over the subjects and details that will be photographed.  We get to pick out the dress, the location, the style…it’s like our dream version of your wedding, with out the actual time crunch of a real wedding day.
When Ashley Henry from Simply Elegant Bridal Consulting and I sat down to come up with a style shoot, we decided that we wanted to showcase only Twin City Bridal Association vendors.
(Coppersmith Photography provides all the editorial photography for the TCBA to use)  We thought it would be fun to photograph TCBA vendors in one collaborative shoot, for the TCBA to use in any future editorial materials.
Fashion student and avid yoga girl, Behtsee volunteered to model as the bride, and she did such a beautiful job!  She even brought an adorable pink bridesmaids dress that she made to showcase. (check her out Behtsee Millman Designs)  The wedding dresses she got to wear were from Mestads Bridal in Rochester.  We had 6 different bridal gowns to play dress up with!
Arthur’s Jewelers supplied all the rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  Holy cow, just like in their store, we had a lot of bling to choose from! Diamonds, pearls, gold, sapphires…..!  When all the jewelry showed up to the shoot, we all gathered around the kitchen table to stare at it and drool.

 Raed from Indulge and Bloom and Robin from Linen Effects went over the top with their decor designs!  They coordinated their details to showcase two beautiful reception rooms.  The first was set up on the third floor of the stunning Van Dusen Mansion in Minneapolis.  Silver, champagne, crystals and lace were used together to create this rich decor.

 Jean from Tate Stationery supplied all the table cards and table numbers in this set up. Each had a delicate fabric flower attached to it, and a little ‘W’ charm. She also made real menus to match the menu selections that Mintahoe actually uses!
The cake was provided by Lunds/Byerlys and was a fantastic addition to the decor in the room.  White frosting with deep purple swirls and ribbon accents matched the ambiance of the room.  Linen Effects brought in a crystal and silver cake stand for the cake to be displayed on. This cake stand coordinated with the crystals that Indulge and Bloom used in the main floral center piece, tying together the whole rooms decor.


 Our groom’s attire was brought in by Savvi Formal wear.  They had so many choices for him to wear, we didn’t know where to start. They helped pick out what would be best and even fitted him in the store.
Not only did Arthur’s provide the brides jewelry, but they also provided the groom’s too.   Cuff links were a must for the shoot, and of course wedding bands.  Here too we were surprised by the amount of choices we had.  They didn’t just have a handful of choices, they had cases and cases and cases of choices! Again, we relied on their expertise, and had them pick out their favorite items for the shoot, and we were soooooo happy with what they picked! One ring that they sent was made from meteorite!
And then there’s the car. Oh what a pretty car she is! She’s named Cassandra and is a 1968 Cutlass Supreme.  Her owner, Jennifer from the Van Dusen Mansion, parked her the circle drive of the mansion for photos.  This spot was purposely picked out, since it showcases the mansions varying heights, wrought iron gates and stone walls the best.

 I love wedding bouquets, and am picky about how they look.  They are more then just a bunch of flowers you hold. They should mean something, and they should flow well when you hold them, and work with your overall design.  Raed from Indulge and Bloom literally floored me when I saw what he created!  It was so beautiful!  When I looked at this bouquet, it looked so delicate, it scared me.  But the arrangement was so well constructed and thought out, it lasted the whole day! (and we put it through a LOT!)

All the hair pieces you see were brought by Something Borrowed. The owner, Christina, has such a flair for fashion, and it was fun to watch her work.  Behtsee would put on a new dress, and Christina would pull out her gigantic selection of hair pieces and find the exact right one. Who knew what a huge difference a hair piece can make to the whole ensemble? My favorite was a giant flower hair piece.


 The second room that Indulge and Bloom and Linen Effects decorated together was in the Event Center of the Van Dusen Mansion.  Black glass, black candelabras, gold accents on dishware, pink satin table clothes with lace overlay and white orchids were used to elaborately decorate the head table setting.
Mintahoe brought in a variety of food to photograph (and then eat!)  The little spoons were the best!  Partridge Pear Spoons they are called. Yum!

Another fun part of the shoot with food was the desserts! Mintahoe brought in the works! Chocolate dipped potato chips with white chocolate drizzle, mini pies (my favorite was the Sour Cream Triple Berry Pie!) Mini Shooters, and fun drinks for the bar!
Jay from Adagio came and lit up the dance floor for us while playing loud and fantastic music so we could do some 1st dance style shots.  He even modeled for us in the background of the photos too!

To all the great vendors of this shoot, thank you so much for your help! It turned out amazing, and I’m so proud to have been a part of it!

Coordination: Simply Elegant Bridal Consulting 
Location: Van Dusen Mansion
Jewelry: Arthur’s Jewelers
Dress: Mestads 
Tux: Savvi 
Linens & Rentals: Linen Effects
Floral: Indulge and Bloom
Cake: Lunds/Byerlys
Car: personal car
Hair Pieces: Something Borrowed Bride
Stationery: Tate Stationery and Watermark Stationery
Desserts and Appetizers and drinks: Mintahoe Catering
DJ and uplighting: Adagio
Bridesmaid Dress: Behtsee Millman Designs
Hair and Makeup: Kai Salon