It Takes a Village to Raise a Wedding…

Here we are once again, Money Saving Monday! Most books and blogs concentrate on how you can save yourselves money, well this week is all about how others (vendors) can save you money as well. This wedding season Simply Elegant has seen countless times that vendors have gone above and beyond for their brides. Now it’s time to give them some praise.

When planning, remember that it’s not just the guests that shape the feel of your wedding but the people running the show behind the scenes as well. Great vendors create a great wedding; it’s as simple as that.

This week I am going to highlight one of our preferred vendors; Lettuce Cater (


I’ve had multiple brides on tight budgets and Lettuce Cater has catered to give them the perfect menu. Not only are they accommodating but their food is simply delicious. They describe themselves as “Elegant cuisine to fit any budget. Lettuce Cater is committed to “catering” to your needs. You can rest easy knowing that, regardless your budget, we will provide the very best cuisine for your money. We work with you to create a personalized dining experience that will be the talk of the party. Please, let-us cater for you!” And trust me, they stick to their word.

Not only do they save Simply Elegant clients money by offering them exclusive discounts but something that many couples overlook is whether or not their caterer is all inclusive. What I mean by that is, does your caterer include all serving dishes, wait staff, glassware etc.? If they don’t you could find yourself paying through the nose just to cover all the extra expenses.

Take the stress off of finding a caterer you can trust to do the most with your money and try Lettuce Cater.

Happy Planning and remember, everyone deserves their dream wedding on their dream budget!

Shoes, accesories and gowns…oh my!

It’s Money Saving Monday again and this week is all about the bride. When planning the wedding most couples are focused and aware that the venue, caterer and photographer can be large expenses but they forget to factor in that the brides attire on average can cost about $3000! The worst part is that these expenses often sneak up on you and put you over budget. The key to saving money on bridal attire is to start early!

Starting early is the key but be careful not to start before you set a date. If you buy a gown that compliments a winter wedding but then change your date to summer, you have a dress that does not match! Do not forget that the gown often dictates the tone of your wedding; whether it is romantic or modern in style it should be complimented by other elements of your wedding.

When brides first start looking for gowns I always tell them to push themselves NOT to buy on their first visit. Often with the first visit you find a dress a you like and get so consumed in  the moment the you spend hundreds of dollars more than necessary just to have that gown. Take your time and weigh the options. If it is a designer gown, can you find a look-a-like? If your mom wants you to wear her dress, but you do not like the style, have is redesigned. Is there one designer you love? Search and plan to go to their trunk shows. These same rules can also be applied to your shoes and accessories.



Many people have the misconception that bridal shops are the best place to buy shoes and they are if you want to be over charged. “One price test turned up a fifty-dollar difference in identical shoes sold at a regular store versus a bridal salon.” (1,001 Ways…S. Naylor) Fifty dollar difference on an identical item! This misconception can not only affect you but your bridal party as well if you direct them there for their shoes. Shop around, collect coupons and save some money. Just because something is not from a bridal shop, does not mean you should rule it out.



In the end, bridal attire is all about patience and planning. Try not to get overly anxious and make decisions on the spur of the moment because they will cost you.

Happy Planning and remember… Every bride deserves her dream wedding at her dream budget!


Laurie and Steve’s Wedding October 22, 2011

Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays where we highlight the weddings of our past clients. Congratulations once again to the happy couple and a big thank you for letting us share in your wedding. Laurie and Steve perfected the aspect of personal touches. With home-made signs, monogrammed wall decor and more they made their wedding unique and personal.

Check out some of these great detail shots for easy to do ideas that will make your wedding stand out!

Just like Laurie and Steve, invest in statement decoration, it can change the entire space.

Another thing that Laurie and Steve did so well was to use their surroundings to the fullest. Take the time to visit your venue and see what is in walking distance and plan out where you would like to take photos. This will not only create great diversity but your photographer will love this as well.

Hope these images help spark some great ideas for your wedding on how to make it stand out!

Happy Planning!