7 Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Wedding


1. To keep kids entertained during the ceremony, create a coloring book-style program just for them! They can color in illustrations of the bride and groom and the wedding party. This could also be a great keepsake!
kids - coloring book

2. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, bring some fun toys for the kids to play with, like a hula-hoop or kite! At night, give the older kids sparklers. They will have a blast running around with them!

3. If there are going to be really young children at your wedding, consider paying a teenaged family friend to watch the kids for the evening. That way, parents can enjoy the evening without each of them needing pay their own sitter or feel like they need to rush home.

4. Create a kid’s lounge! Have games, beanbag chairs, craft supplies, juice boxes, and a candy bar. They’ll feel really cool having their own little space.
kids - lounge

5. Create fun packages for the kids’ table. Include a disposable camera, stickers, play-doh, and other fun goodies to keep them occupied.
Kids - package

6. Skip renting expensive linens for the kids’ table. Try covering the table with paper and give each of the kids a set of crayons. They’ll love having the huge canvas to work with.

7. Make a scavenger hunt! Have them spy for things like, a kissing couple or the groom playing with his ring. You can even make it a photo scavenger hunt. Who knows, they might be budding photographers!
kids - scavenger

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