{Trend Tuesday} Elegant Emerald


For the style obsessed, last Friday brought some pretty fantastically fashionable news – Pantone’s announcement of their choice for “Color of the Year 2013”! Drum roll please… give a big warm welcome to the timelessly rich hue, Emerald!

It’s no coincidence that this gem of an announcement is the focus for this week’s Trend Tuesday. This jewel-tone shade will undoubtedly be making a big appearance onto the wedding scene over the next year! Here at SEBC you can bet we are inspired, so check out some of these green looks that have us gushing!


{Trend Tuesday} Pretty in Prints


This week’s SEBC Trend Tuesday focuses its attention on a craze that is quickly stitching its way to one of 2013’s most notable looks – prints! And boy do I mean it; prints, print, and more prints! From wedding party fashion to reception tables, pretty patterns will be seen just about everywhere.

So tell us, how will you be incorporating a version of this trend into you big day?!


{Trend Tuesday} Sleeves, Sleeve, Sleeves

Happy Trend Tuesday! With the sudden surge of chilly weather, here at SEBC we cannot help but to crush on one of 2013’s biggest wedding dress trends – sleeves! With the recent royal nuptials between Price William and Duchess Kate it’s not a huge surprise that this brunette beauty’s inspired style has caught on!

From royalty to the runways this trend sure is making a grand entrance, and here at SEBC we have taken note. So besides being completely swoon-worthy, this rising trend is effortlessly cold weather appropriate… hello winter weddings! Be sure to check out some of our favorite sleeve styles below!








{Trend Tuesday} It’s a Wrap

With cool weather setting in upon us, many fall brides understandably are left with the question – what do I wear to keep warm over my gorgeous gown?!

If you are one of these brides have no fear, today’s Trend Tuesday just may have the answer! Here at SEBC we are LOVING the laid back look of casual, comfy sweaters and wraps adorning our beautiful brides shoulders this season! The best part? Casual cover ups can be found just about anywhere and for cheap – hello, gotta love budget friendly!

So check out some of our favorite wrapped looks below and share your thoughts, are you a fan?!

{Trend Tuesday} “Mint” To Be

In the world of weddings; trends, themes and colors are constantly evolving. With that said, here at SEBC we cannot help falling in love with each unique trend that comes through our doors. In particular, the SEBC girl’s are LOVING the oh-so-swoon worthy color mint that is fast becoming the reigning wedding shade!

This popular 1940-1950 hue has been brought back to life with the vintage trend and we are so happy it has been! You’ll see this soft color on everything from save the dates and wedding invitations to bridesmaid dress, florals, wedding décor and delicious desserts! So what’s your take, will you be incorporating mint into your big day?!


We invite you…to save money!

This Money Saving Monday is all about invitations and save-the-date cards; an area the often brings with it unforeseen expenses. Many brides struggle with choosing to stick with classic formalities or go more of a modern route. In both invitations and save-the-dates the classic mistake usually comes with the amount that you order. Ordering too many or not enough both hold unwanted expenses. Remember when ordering invitations; every family gets their own and anyone over the age of eighteen gets their own. Knowing your invitation count will also help you to comparison shop easier as well.

Another mistake that can add up in your budget is ordering your invitations too early. Shoot for four to six months before the wedding, this way the details for time, location and date are as final as possible. Also, when sending in your order, have not only you, but a second pair of eyes look at the text. One typo can be a costly mistake adding hundreds in revision fees. To really cover all your bases check what their return policy is in case anything else may be out of sorts.


The trend currently is all about making your own. With better quality printers now in households, if you do not have a great one, a family member or friend will. Take advantage of this! Wedding invites set the tone for your wedding, giving your guests a hint at the theme and style. Making invitations yourself gives you complete control in the decision making process. But be careful not to fall in love with expensive card stock, set a budget for yourself before you go to the store and stick to it!


Here are a few extra tips to be a aware of when dealing with your invites, save-the-dates or thank yous:

-Do not use printed return of address labels. Even in today’s time they are not considered appropriate, hand write it!

-Skip the expensive bridal thank yous from a stationery company, generic thank yous can still be elegant and will save you big time.

-Be sure to send your invites out early enough that you will receive responses several weeks before your wedding. Why? Do not forget the caterer. They require a final count and any changes at the last minute will cost you!

-Traditional save-the-dates are optional! Using websites that your family can visit about your wedding are a fun way to make them interact. Also, another trick is to send out your invitations earlier, twelve weeks before, giving your family plenty of time to make arrangements.


Happy planning and remember, everyone deserves their dream wedding at their dream budget.

Shoes, accesories and gowns…oh my!

It’s Money Saving Monday again and this week is all about the bride. When planning the wedding most couples are focused and aware that the venue, caterer and photographer can be large expenses but they forget to factor in that the brides attire on average can cost about $3000! The worst part is that these expenses often sneak up on you and put you over budget. The key to saving money on bridal attire is to start early!

Starting early is the key but be careful not to start before you set a date. If you buy a gown that compliments a winter wedding but then change your date to summer, you have a dress that does not match! Do not forget that the gown often dictates the tone of your wedding; whether it is romantic or modern in style it should be complimented by other elements of your wedding.

When brides first start looking for gowns I always tell them to push themselves NOT to buy on their first visit. Often with the first visit you find a dress a you like and get so consumed in  the moment the you spend hundreds of dollars more than necessary just to have that gown. Take your time and weigh the options. If it is a designer gown, can you find a look-a-like? If your mom wants you to wear her dress, but you do not like the style, have is redesigned. Is there one designer you love? Search and plan to go to their trunk shows. These same rules can also be applied to your shoes and accessories.



Many people have the misconception that bridal shops are the best place to buy shoes and they are if you want to be over charged. “One price test turned up a fifty-dollar difference in identical shoes sold at a regular store versus a bridal salon.” (1,001 Ways…S. Naylor) Fifty dollar difference on an identical item! This misconception can not only affect you but your bridal party as well if you direct them there for their shoes. Shop around, collect coupons and save some money. Just because something is not from a bridal shop, does not mean you should rule it out.



In the end, bridal attire is all about patience and planning. Try not to get overly anxious and make decisions on the spur of the moment because they will cost you.

Happy Planning and remember… Every bride deserves her dream wedding at her dream budget!