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Trend Tuesday: Sweet Succulents

Succulents are simple, inexpensive, and oh-so pretty! Best of all, they’re versatile! They can easily be incorporated into your wedding look whether you’re going for a modern, classic, rustic, vintage, elegant, bohemian… anything! We’ve been seeing these little beauties everywhere and we absolutely love these gorgeous plants. Their thick, water-filled petals come in so many beautiful colors that can work with any pallet. On top of that, succulents can live for several days without water, which makes them the perfect plant for the DIY bride. Here is a tutorial on making your own succulent wedding bouquet from She Knows. When you’re done with your wedding day succulents, these tough little guys can even be replanted to decorate your home!

If you’re looking for even more succulent wedding inspiration, check out our pinboard!

succulent collage 2 succulent collage 3 succulent collage 4 succulent collage

{Trend Tuesday} Fun Food

Another week has come and gone and we find ourselves at another Trend Tuesday! Today’s trendy spotlight will shine on the deliciously fabulous, Food Truck!

There is no question that these kitchens-on-wheels are going to be making a big presence in the wedding world over the 2013 season. Not only are food trucks stylishly unique but they are also uber convenient! Picture a gourmet hot dog, grilled cheese or burger truck offering your guests with mouthwatering eats at your laid-back park or farm wedding; or an ice cream and float truck serving up tasty late night snacks.  When it comes to food trucks the options are endless, not to mention the possibility of hiring a few to satisfy a variety of wedding guest taste buds!

Dishing up variety and fun, it’s going to come as no surprise that here at SEBC we are completely on board with this appetizing experience that is sure to leave your guests coming back for seconds!


{Money Saving Monday} Smart Ambiance

Happy Money Saving Monday! With fall knocking on the door we cannot help but day dream of snuggling by a fire or the sweet ambiance created by a glowing pumpkin.  Unmistakably we are all about ambiance here at SEBC, not only is the look of a glowing candle beautiful but it’s a budget-savvy alternative to pricey florals. Not to mention, fall is the perfect season to illuminate your big day – floor to ceiling. The best part? Candles and gorgeous vessels can be found for cheap just about anywhere! Venue doesn’t allow open flame? No fear – LED candles are a safe and still an attractive option! Be sure to check out some of the SEBC Girl’s favorite candle covered weddings below.

Happy Planning and remember, everyone deserves their dream wedding on their dream budget!


{Trend Tuesday} Crazy for Baby’s Breath

Over the weekend the SEBC Girl’s had the pleasure of helping some of our beautiful Brides’ fairytale days come to life. In particular, one of our Bride’s big day was brimming in Baby’s Breath and you can bet the SEBC Girl’s took note!


Baby’s Breath is fast becoming a 2012-2013 wedding staple and it’s easy to see why. The delicate, soft flower is insanely affordable and DIY friendly for all you budget-savvy brides! Aside from saving you some pretty pennies, Baby’s Breath is readily available year-round and can make a big impact when used in large volumes! Lastly, making the flower even more desirable is its versatility – from a laid back rustic-chic affair to a formal ballroom soiree this floral flawlessly makes a big statement!

So whether you say love it or leave it, this floral trend is on the rise along with countless wedding day possibilities! Here are some of the SEBC Girl’s favorites:






It Takes a Village to Raise a Wedding…

Here we are once again, Money Saving Monday! Most books and blogs concentrate on how you can save yourselves money, well this week is all about how others (vendors) can save you money as well. This wedding season Simply Elegant has seen countless times that vendors have gone above and beyond for their brides. Now it’s time to give them some praise.

When planning, remember that it’s not just the guests that shape the feel of your wedding but the people running the show behind the scenes as well. Great vendors create a great wedding; it’s as simple as that.

This week I am going to highlight one of our preferred vendors; Lettuce Cater (


I’ve had multiple brides on tight budgets and Lettuce Cater has catered to give them the perfect menu. Not only are they accommodating but their food is simply delicious. They describe themselves as “Elegant cuisine to fit any budget. Lettuce Cater is committed to “catering” to your needs. You can rest easy knowing that, regardless your budget, we will provide the very best cuisine for your money. We work with you to create a personalized dining experience that will be the talk of the party. Please, let-us cater for you!” And trust me, they stick to their word.

Not only do they save Simply Elegant clients money by offering them exclusive discounts but something that many couples overlook is whether or not their caterer is all inclusive. What I mean by that is, does your caterer include all serving dishes, wait staff, glassware etc.? If they don’t you could find yourself paying through the nose just to cover all the extra expenses.

Take the stress off of finding a caterer you can trust to do the most with your money and try Lettuce Cater.

Happy Planning and remember, everyone deserves their dream wedding on their dream budget!

Beautiful Floral on a Budget

Floral budget can sometimes be a little tricky to navigate.  Flowers have the power to both transform a space and your wedding budget; a lot of the time they are also one of the first things cut to save money. Today we will give you great tips to get the elegance of a floral fabulous wedding while staying within your budget.

Courtesy of

Many people planning their wedding think that they need aisle, cocktail table, cake table, and gift table decor; what I think is, REUSE! Depending upon the size of your ceremony, there are usually 10 to 14 aisle bouquets. These can be easily reused, have your persoanl attendant, bridesmaids or wedding planner move them after the ceremony. The average wedding for 2012 will spend $479 on ceremony flowers and $1,132 on reception floral(1,001 Ways to Save Money…). Why not cut each of these costs but still have gorgeous floral by reusing. This may also give you the option to use a more expensive flower or design larger arrangements by making them multipurpose.

This next tip is a little more for the do-it-yourself bride. Altar arrangements can be some of the more expensive parts to your floral budget, easily each costing hundreds. Make them yourself and plan a get together with close family and friends! Getting fresh flowers from the Farmer’s Market or Donato’s Direct (a florist that allows brides access to wholesale prices) are effortlessly beautiful and usually need little manipulation besides arranging them in a vase. An alter arrangement not only draws the eye of your guests foward but creates a beautiful frame for photos.

Other things that your can do to save money on flowers with little effort include:

                               -Checking what flowers will be in season. You may have a favorite flower but if it is not in season it could be 4 times the price! Find a look-a-like.

                               -Spend less money on your bridesmaids bouquets. Your guests are there to admire you! Your dress, your decorations, your bouquet!

                               -If your ceremony is in a religious space, there may be possibility of a religious holiday, and that means free floral leftover from the week before.

Remember every bride deserves her dream wedding on her dream budget and Simply Elegant Bridal Consulting is ready to help you every step of the way. Our exclusive discounts and industry insights can help you bring to life your vision! Happy planning!