Sarah + Charlie {August 31, 2013}

We love Sarah and Charlie’s camp wedding! Their summer “I-Dos” at Camp St. Croix had so many bright colors and campy touches (i.e. bouquets of wildflowers, personalized souvenir glasses, vintage national park postcards, and colorful bridesmaids dresses). All of the adorable details were captured by the talented Kendra Oxendale Photography.
KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0001 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0002 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0003 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0004 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0005 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0006 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0008 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0009 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0010 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0011 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0012 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0016 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0018 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0021 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0025 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0028 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0029 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0030 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0032 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0033 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0035 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0036 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0037 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0038 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0039 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0040 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0041 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0043 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0045 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0049 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0052 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0054 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0060 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0062 KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0064KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0066

KendraOxendale- 8-31-13-0067

Simply Elegant Planner: Ashley / Venue: Camp St. Croix / Floral: Donato’s / DJ: Adagio / Cake : Izzies / Photobooth: Mobile Photobooth

Brandy + Chad {September 1, 2013}

There are so many things to love about Brandy and Chad’s wedding at the beautiful and rustic Hope Glen Farm! We’re swooning over all of the DIY details like the framed chalkboards, paper flowers, pennant banners, distressed doors, mason jar escort cards, license plate table numbers… I could go on! The simple and pretty decor played in perfectly with the laid-back feel of the wedding, complete with bags, croquet, and tippy cup! The talented Miss Jess Croshow did an absolutely amazing job capturing every detail!

prewedding(2) prewedding-44 prewedding-45 prewedding-3 prewedding-5 prewedding-6 prewedding-7 prewedding-8 prewedding-9 prewedding-14 prewedding-15 prewedding-16 prewedding-17 prewedding-22 prewedding-23 prewedding-24 prewedding-29 prewedding-30 prewedding-31 prewedding-33 prewedding-35 prewedding-36 prewedding-37 prewedding-38 prewedding-39 prewedding-40 prewedding-41 prewedding-43 prewedding-57 prewedding-64 prewedding-66 prewedding-69 prewedding-70prewedding-75 prewedding-89 prewedding-84 prewedding-98 IMG_8180 IMG_8325 IMG_8327 IMG_8366 IMG_9353color IMG_9394 prewedding-108 prewedding-114 prewedding-115 prewedding-116 prewedding-119 prewedding-120 prewedding-125 prewedding-129 prewedding-151 prewedding-152 ceremony-7 ceremony-18 ceremony-19 ceremony-30 ceremony-33 ceremony-34 ceremony-42 ceremony-45 ceremony-53 ceremony-48 ceremony-61 ceremony-69 ceremony-72 ceremony-84 ceremony-87 ceremony-88 ceremony-89 ceremony-91 ceremony-101 ceremony-128 ceremony-133 ceremony-142 ceremony-144

Simply Elegant Planner: Ashley / Venue: Hope Glen Farm / Photographer: Jess Croshaw / Caterer: Meatheads / Florist: Carver Country Flowers / Photobooth: Sara’s Photobooth / Musicians: Funkeys, Dueling Pianos International