Meet the Planners {Ashley}

Not only is Ashley a Simply Elegant Planner, she is the company’s owner! Yes, she is the head of our happy little wedding planning family. Simply Elegant is the result of her blood, sweat and tears-of-joy, and we couldn’t be more grateful!

And she is a bride herself! Check out her engagement photos here!


What made you interested in becoming a wedding planner? I really enjoy helping others. The positivity surrounding a wedding draws you in. I really wanted to be a part of the happiest day of people’s lives. I enjoy helping people and taking stress off of people’s shoulders.

What is your background? My father is an entrepreneurial business coach. He always taught me to add value to others. The idea for Simply Elegant came about when I found a need for couples of all economic backgrounds to have access to a wedding planner. We’ve modeled our business after this idea of value-added accessibility and the idea that absolutely everyone can benefit from a planner on their wedding day.

What do you like to do in your free time? My free time typically consists of going out with family, friends, and my fiancé Nathan. I enjoy sitting around a table and playing board games, sharing delicious food, and having wild conversations. I’m also a huge fan of taking time in my mornings to relax and wake up and spend quality time with Nathan, who isn’t really a morning person, so he needs my help getting started!

What are a few fun facts about you?
I studied psychology at Hamline.
I never get to the end of books, I always begin another one first.
I often got into trouble in school for talking too much.
My parents are my heroes.
Minnesota is my favorite place on Earth.
As soon as I get home I put comfy, snuggly clothes on and give Nathan weird looks when he doesn’t. We call them house pants.
I have a high pitched voice I use only when talking to my cat, Tibbers.
I believe everyone should do something they love. Which is why I created Simply Elegant.

Meet the Planners {Jenny}


What made you interested in becoming a wedding planner? I loved planning my own wedding and took care of every detail. I always thought I would make a great wedding planner and would love it. I’m so excited that my dream has become a reality!

What is your background? My main area of expertise is corporate events. I planned training events for a medical device company for over 6 years and have planned many other corporate events throughout my career. I am so fortunate to have met Ashley and am honored to be a part of Simply Elegant!!

What do you like to do in your free time? I love spending time with my family. My husband Jim and I have 2 kids – Lauren is 9 and Maxwell is 4. Being a mom is the best thing ever! I really enjoy having conversations with my kids and getting their perspective on the world. They have a lot to say 🙂 We also have a dog and a cat – so our house is full of activity! I sell jewelry with Premier Designs and do home shows as often as possible. I also take dance classes every week. The ladies group that I am a part of does jazz and tap and we are in the dance studio’s recital every summer! I have amazing friends and try to spend as much time with them as I can.

What are a few fun facts about you?
I grew up in Marshall, MN – so I’m a small town girl at heart.
I am VERY close to my family – my parents visit often – they are the best grandparents ever!
My sister and her family live in California and I try to visit as often as possible (but it’s never often enough)!
I LOVE all types of music.
My degree is in Veterinary Technology and I worked in the field for about 4 years before making the jump into the corporate world.
I love to laugh and try to find humor in everything!!
I am always taking pictures so I can capture special moments…that way those moments can live on forever.
I love wine – especially red.
I am interested in people and want to know their “story.”
I am very organized and I make a lot of lists…I like to check things off when I finish them.
I try to always be “present” and enjoy each moment!!